Thursday, January 10, 2013

Its Imperative that We Mozey to the Woods

Having trouble sleeping so I took an Ambien and Im reading reviews and some people are crazy. I have a good idea but its too late Michelles not up. We could walk there.. to the good idea. I want to do some witchcraft, whens the moon? The reviews also said to take it when youre going to bed but im not sleepy yet and im just chillin, I write this with such wide enthused eyes I dont understand either. Why do I keep imagining random families in my head and a mom in a yellow blazer that wont stop clicking her gum. The kind of mom that would have put it in the pizza. Ya know? Everytime I read something my eyes are so surprised. Now what do you want me to tell you? About the people? Its there its snot there in there not there. I will write about the arguing couple in my head 10 minutes later and they stopped arguing and now im only arguing in my own head but this is serious! I wonder if its really cold up I dont wanna check the plan Im making things messy but we need to get to the woods! Its imperative that we mozey to the woods. Things are happening.

I Love it when my Pills Kick in!
I Love it when my Pills Kick in!

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