Saturday, January 12, 2013

Ambien Thoughts

I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately, so tonight I took an Ambien in hopes of being asleep before 6 am. I took it at 10:30 pm, It’s currently 11:28. Here we go.

There is nothing worse than the “I might not make it to the bathroom in time” feeling. Well, there is. Actually not making it to the bathroom in time is pretty bad. But as far as things that could’ve happened but were narrowly avoided, I gotta think it’s right up there with the negative pregnancy test.

No, the poop thing is worse. A kid could grow up to be famous and/or rich and make you a lot of money. Pooping on yourself is just pooping on yourself and that’s all it’ll ever be.

I want to see the first draft of a Family Guy script. There has to be a legitimate story in mind, and then they twist all the jokes and cutaways.

I want to go see The Muppets. Don’t have a joke or a story behind it. I just wanna see it.

I was standing up a few minutes ago, and then I was sitting in my chair ad don’t know how I got there.

11:45 now. Ideas are flooding my head but i know i’m not going to reemmber them. I don’t want to write tem here though. Gov’ment might shut me down.

I was playing Dc Universe Online a little bit ago and had to turn it off when I couldn’t keep my own balance while trying to fly around Gotham City.

Speaking of Gotham City, Batman and Superman are bitches. Batman just has a lot of money and Superman is supposedly perfect. I want heroes who’re flawed and are relatable, I’m not relatealento them. I can erlate to spiderman cause i’m a nerd who has truble talkin to girls. I can relate to Hulk cause oeple don’t like me when i’m mad. batman and Superman can go suck on railroad spikes.

I said this earlier, i want a power ring like green lantern. I don’t want tp be in a terrible novie though.

That’s not a reflection of Ryan Renolds though.

Yeah it is.

I hate when i’m watching TV and they do the theater 101 both hands extended waist high and drops down to their legs move. They should know better and so should you.

Why does Loris have NOTHING going on? I wanna start a business, no market. I wanna do music, nobody around to do it with and no where to play. Want to do some theater work. Ha. Loris has nothing going for it but racism and jesus.

Whatever happened to Michael Richards after he called a bunch of guys in that clubs “niggers”? (i’m one of the cool white people, it’s ok)

I started watching an animated superhero movie about 5 am last night and stopped only because i saw two continuity issues in the first 10 minutes.

That british guys host on X Factor has got to be around 8 feet tall. he towers over everyone.


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