Thursday, December 16, 2010

Free Hugs!!

Crazy shit happened last night.

Somebody told me my friends E (female) and W (male) had switched names, that E was now W and W was now E.  So I would say things like "W, you have a nice ass!" and got everyone thoroughly confused about who was whom.

Two of my friends tried to leave, I hugged them for like 10 minutes and to be pried off so they could escape.

Then I turned into some sort of creature, I would sneak into my room mates room and put stuff in my pocket, then run around the apartment hiding the stuff, all while making chirping noises.

Eventually I got bored, so I ran into the kitchen, put my button down shirt in the freezer, and pretended like I had just arrived.  Found the shirt in the freezer today.

Woke up and my entire pack of cigarettes was empty.

1 comment:

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